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6 Signs you Need Transmissions Repair near me Federal Way WA

Transmission Repair

Even with proper maintenance, your car will age, and at some point, need Transmissions Repair near me Federal Way WA. Fortunately, your vehicle will tell you when there is something wrong with the transmission. It is a matter of detecting these signs and understanding what they mean. The sooner you bring your car in for a diagnosis, the greater chance you have of avoiding a transmission breakdown while driving. Get to know your vehicle better and know the common symptoms of transmission failure.

Seek Professional Transmissions Repair near me Federal Way WA When You Notice These Signs:

1. Gear shifting problems

A car transmission changes the power from the engine into usable energy, allowing the wheels to turn at different speeds. The transmission must perform smoothly while the vehicle is in use. Otherwise, the driver will experience shifting issues and other problems. When you notice these signs, visit an auto repair shop for a diagnosis of your car’s transmission:

·         Jerking feel when shifting gears

·         Gears shift for no reason

·         Falling out of gear while driving

2. Leaking transmission fluid

Take your car to your trusted automotive shop for Transmissions Repair near me Federal Way WA if you notice red fluid on your driveway. Although a leak does not directly indicate a damaged transmission, bringing your vehicle in for a complete diagnosis prevents further issues. Allowing the leak to continue will only exacerbate the existing problem.

3. Grinding gears

There are two types of car transmissions; automatic and manual. Grinding gears happen to manual transmissions when there’s a problem. For automatic transmissions, you will feel a bit of shaking when the car is shifting gears. Either way, when you notice these signs, bring your vehicle in for an inspection or transmission repair.

4. Burning odors

Gears overheat when there is excess friction. In most cases, you can smell burning transmission fluid even when there aren’t any leaks. Bring your car to an auto repair shop for transmission repair in Federal Way, Washington, when you smell burning odors in and outside the vehicle.

5. Cloudy transmission fluid

You can tell the quality of transmission fluid by its color and smell. Transmission fluids have a bright red color and a distinct sweet smell. If the transmission fluid smells burnt or appears dark, you know there’s a problem.

6. Unusual noise

Another indicator of transmission trouble is an unusual noise. When the transmission produces buzzing, clunking, or whining noise, you know there is a problem. Bring your car in for an inspection and transmission repair in Federal Way, Washington.

Tips To Prevent Transmission Damage

Car transmissions are expensive to replace. However, they are easy to repair and maintain. With proper care and maintenance provided by a professional auto mechanic, your car’s transmission will last longer. Here are some tips to prevent transmission problems:

·         Regularly check the transmission fluid

·         Replace transmission fluid according to schedule

·         Bring your car to an automotive specialist for maintenance and transmission check

Bring Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop for Transmissions Repair near me Federal Way WA

At Mechanic Northwest, we provide professional auto repairs and maintenance. Our experts are highly trained to deal with any kind of car problem you might have. If you have transmission problems, call us today at 206-212-6970 or 206-406-3479. You may also visit our website to schedule an appointment.


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