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Mechanic Northwest is Federal Way, Washington’s premier full-service auto repair and service facility.

More than top-notch auto repair and service, we value excellent customer satisfaction. We treat each customer’s vehicle like our own, so you’re ensured that you get the necessary repair and service at our mechanic shop.

Our ASE Certified mechanics and technicians are dedicated to providing quality and convenient repairs and services under the hood. We guarantee that you’ll get back on the road safely and conveniently. That is why we commit to providing you service and repair as conveniently and as quickly as possible.

Our technicians and mechanics undergo continuous training to keep up with the latest trends and developments of car diagnostics and techniques. As a result, we are skilled and experts in handling any auto-related problems across all vehicle brands and models. 

We understand what it takes to keep all of your vehicles running well regardless of whether they’re modern or vintage. We do special tune-up sessions for your car irrespective of the manufacturer or age to ensure that you always have a dependable ride at your fingertips! 

Our auto repair and service facility is conveniently located at 30402 Pacific Highway South, Federal Way, WA 98003.

Contact us at 206-212-6970 to schedule your auto repair and service today!

Advanced Car Diagnostics Tools and Equipment

Making sure your car is returned in excellent condition and stays that way is our number one goal. We love most about cars because they’re constantly evolving, requiring technicians to focus on and stay ahead of industry changes and advancements. 

It means that vehicles with complex electrical systems need highly qualified technicians who understand how to service them and who can do so quickly and easily.

Mechanic Northwest has a team of experts who use the most advanced diagnostic equipment and service vehicles to ensure quality and accurate engine performance analysis. 

We understand that drivers can often be guilty of pushing their engines just a little more than they should. Proper maintenance service and reliable auto repair are essential to avoid expensive repairs and breakdowns in the future.

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, you’ll need experts you can trust – service professionals whose priority is providing you with top-quality results. 

You want the kind of experts who will take care of your engine and drivetrain so that it continues to perform like new. Even if you’re not traversing harsh terrains, your vehicle needs attention at every stage to keep its parts in tip-top shape for years to come. 

No matter what kind of driver you are or how challenging your vehicle’s routine might be, our expert mechanics and technicians at Mechanic Northwest are ready to work with you to achieve maximum results.

We’re your one-stop-shop for bumper-to-bumper car care services. So when you notice something odd with your vehicle, be sure to bring it over to us immediately.

Our experienced technicians are well equipped to handle anything from significant engine overhauls to brake system maintenance. We also offer complete auto repairs for all of your car’s vital systems, including the engine, transmission, steering wheel, cooling system, suspension, and more.

Schedule your Auto Repair and Service at Mechanic Northwest today!

See us for all of your vehicle’s repair and service needs!

We work with extensive tools and knowledge that allow us to better service you than anyone else. In addition, we take care of any mechanical problems that might develop in your car, truck, or SUV so you can continue driving safely. 

Call us at 206-212-6970 or 206-406-3479, or schedule your next appointment online today!

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Mechanic Northwest, Auto Repair and Services
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