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Tips To Prevent Unnecessary Major Car Repair and Maintenance

Car Repair and Maintenance

We’ve all heard of vehicle owners stranded far from home and dealing with the high cost of auto repair. All of them said, it was unexpected or they never saw it coming. Maintaining your vehicle in good running condition requires commitment, a little effort, and keeping up with your financial commitment. An oil change every 5,000 miles and tire rotation can be a tiring task, but doing these can help avoid major repairs and save you money in the future. This especially is true for older vehicles where being able to extend their life is already an accomplishment.

How To Avoid Unnecessary Auto Repair and Maintenance

Any driver knows that the secret to road safety is regular car repair and maintenance. Here are some tips to avoid the time-consuming and expensive auto repair in the future.

1. Don’t Delay Routine Car Maintenance

First-time car owners think that driving a car is nothing but pure freedom and going to any place they want. Usually, the last thing on their mind is making sure their tires and engines are in good condition. However, maintenance experts suggest keeping up with maintenance schedules to ensure safety on the road and avoid unexpected repairs. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Change Your Oil.

The car oil is responsible for maintaining the different moving components in your car with less friction. Regularly checking your engine oil will save you hundreds of dollars on repair as it prevents dirt from clogging your engine. You can also check your owner’s manual on the recommended frequency of servicing your engine oil.

Check your Car Batteries.

When you have your oil changed, have your batteries checked as well. Although batteries in cars usually have warranties that last up to five years. A dead battery can happen unexpectedly and without any signs. If you notice voltage suddenly dropping, it might be time for a battery replacement.

Replace Air Filter

Another crucial component in your car is its air filter. As its name suggests, a car’s filter is responsible for keeping pollutants from entering through the vents. Experts advise changing the filters every 15,000 to 20,000 miles or depending on use.

2. Reduce Car Repair Costs

In as much as you want to prevent the high cost of car repairs, there are unavoidable instances. However, you can reduce car repair costs in the future by checking on these components in your vehicle.

Check your spare tire.

A spare tire is just as important as the four tires under your car. The worst that could happen is finding out a spare flat tire when you need it most. Thus, needing to call a towing service which incurs an additional cost.

Check your engine coolant.

The most important component against overheating is your car radiator and engine coolant. Overheating can damage your cylinders causing your vehicle to break down. In most cases, the simplest and easiest way to reduce repair costs is to check levels of coolant or antifreeze in your radiator. Simply, pop the hood and check fluid levels in the reservoir.

Check your Spark plugs.

A vehicle’s spark plug is a small component in your car with a big role. If you experience car trouble, it’s usually caused by a faulty spark plug. When one of your spark plugs fails, your engine has to work harder causing inconsistent performance. You can reduce repair costs just by replacing your spark plugs instead of your engine which can cost thousands of dollars.

3. Go To Your Trusted Auto Repair Shop

When you think you’ve accomplished every preventative maintenance and still experience engine breakdown, go to your trusted service repair shop. Every car owner should have a go-to mechanic that honestly provides fair labor costs with high-quality service. There should be no surprises when the final bill arrives.

Though there are plenty of repair shops that promise customers the best services at a fair price, find one who can answer almost all your questions. Sometimes, costly repairs do not provide high-quality service. Also, cheaper costs of repair do not mean underwhelming service, sometimes it’s the other way around.


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